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Muskseed takes into consideration every little detail to make sure the system run smoothly and responsively. Muskseed employs a new technique called Minified Technology for securing customers' database & building up highly confidential firewalls.

We reduce redundant complex calculations and lengthy erroneous code texts with simpler ones to ensure Muskseed would run seamlessly and the design is reserved in its best form when viewed from a wide range of mobile devices & browsers.

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Sky Chains
I always envisioned how to manage my business and make it more productive but due to technological drawback we lacked efficiency but after using jewelmart my business has grown leaps and bounds. Now my customer can view my product real time my karigar doesn't have to come and wait in our office now he can recieve his task on his wats app itself my customer can see real life tracking of thier order if it's dispatched , ready , making , I can control what my client can view . I can get real time da on number of order as per delivery date so i can keep a check if the order is delay or waiting or urgent.
Shubh Ornaments
For manufacturer it's always important to deliver his product on time, but due to diffrent situations and circumstances it's very difficult , but now my whole business Is digitized now I can view real time how many of my orders are running delay now I can be more pro active and manage my whole business it has not just helped me with my sales but also with efficiency. Jewelmart software is something for every manufacturer who is sitting in his office with this account software thinking he has evevrything his business needs to be honest you need more than that.
We always keep looking how we can manage our business efficiently but nothing helped even if we wanted to increase our productivity we coudnt due to our working style which is carried on for generation but after using jewelmart now my client and karigar can connect easily i can manage my whole business just through my phone, to be really honest I never even though even in my wildest dream that I can manage my whole operation just through my phone , now even my employee who are not educated can use latest technology.
MJ & Sons
Being in this business for more than 35 yrs I was always curious that what I can do to be more productive and try to deliver as much as I can , from managing multiple excel sheets to hiring more people I was always experimenting but after using jewelmart software now I can view what work is going. I can keep a tab each employee and what is the current status of my business from managing my order to giving real time tracking to my retailer's and also keeping an corner eye on my karigar that who works more effectively and delivers the product on time or before delivery date this is something the next generation manufacturers who are entering business should use it or implement it if they want to succeed
We in this jewellery industry all together needs to adapt the latest technology as corporate pushing thier self with latest technology we smse need to pull up our socks jewelmart is a software which helps to be on par with big enterprise with the best app ui and user-friendly features and complete end to end b2b module will help to keep us relevant and push our self to newer hieghts

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